Episode 9: Technologically Enigmatic

From left to right: Cormac Kantargis, Sean Costello, Nick Ford, Eben Palazzolo

In this episode we’re joined by the wonderfully enigmatic, Cormac Kantargis!

Cormac drops some “knowledge bombs” (whether peaceful or aggressive, we never decide) and ask us some tough and highly philosophical questions about the upcoming techno-utopia we all want.

I start off with some excellent news about Chelsea Manning and we have a brief aside about Donald Trump and his many incarnations as black holes and the dust of collected cheetos.

Cormac talks about his interests, ontological questions, how understanding can level us down…and then we had some mic 101 etiquette for our lovely listeners.

One of the main things Cormac discusses throughout the podcast is the extra time that we would have to focus on deep philosophical questions, if work was automated. So we explore what we’d do with that extra time as well as what Cormac might end up doing and what we think others may do as well.

Lots of intellectual heavy lifting here: Discussions about shame, mental illness, the meaning of capitalism, the value we can provide without jobs, the great space race and much more!

There’s plenty of silly moments too: I ask the tough question to our listeners, roughly how many soundproofing tiles are in this recording studio to the sounds of uproarious laughter…not. I also (maybe overly-harshly) self-flagellate myself about a missed opportunity with a great pun. And Cormac learns that every episode is a musical episode, through a nicely timed Bon Jovi reference!

Serious and silly are mixed in when we discuss the DNC email links and some embarrassing password stories throughout history and speculate about how these things could’ve happened.

We discuss an article about the American Enterprise Institute that I wrote on Abolish Work!

And most of that’s just in the first half-hour!

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