Episode 8: Technologically Intertwined

We have…quite the intro, discuss my recent work experience with late holiday hours, random cuckoo facts and how my job is facilitating my laziness.

Eben and Sean get into Amazon Go and discuss its basic functions and how it relates to technological unemployment, as well as Amazon more generally.

Some discussion about encryption between automated robots is discussed as well and Eben really gets into the nitty of gritty, so prepare for that techno-goodness! See here for my link and here for the one that Eben preferred.

We discuss the pros and cons of going back to the land versus the technological society that we have right now through a variety of approaches. Eben and I discuss ways to synthesize both the more primitive and sufficient approaches with modern technology.

Next we talk about…well about some depressing shit, to be honest. Genocide, mass humans rights violations and how “our” president-elect feels about leaders who perpetuate both.

I try to bring it back to some ideas for improving our mental health, like silence. Eben joins in and gives some other ideas about how people can improve their lives and why jazz music in banks (probably) stops bank robberies.

And then we talk about the song called Rude…for the rest of the episode, basically.

Sorry, we didn’t mean to be so rude.


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