Episode 7: Technologically Dreamified

The TU crew are Deep Dreaming! From left to right: Sean Campbell, Nick Ford and Eben Palazzolo

In this exciting episode of Technologically Unemployed we dive deep into the realm of automation and artificial intelligence!

In particular we discuss topics like agriculture (and prospero), the circular nature of people fearing automation in a given industries as well as the sillier uses of automation to judge us on (of all things) our selfies.

Eben brings up interesting reforestation efforts from automated means (BioCarbon Engineering) which gets us into If A Tree Falls, forest wars and much more!

I also discuss an episode of Mindrolling that included an interview with Dan Harmon on the topics of perfectionism, workaholism and his shittiest job.

The last segment of the podcast deals mainly with the military industrial complex and working within the machinations of it and also opposing it from the outside.

But of course we go over other things like effective activism unions have engaged in, anti-fascist rants and we even mention Jupiter Ascending by the end?

We’re magic, is the thing.

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