Episode 6: Technological Intercourse

In this episode of Technologically Unemployed we have the co-host of Intercourse Podcast Dan Gagnon explain how the name isn’t somehow a sexual reference. But that doesn’t stop me (Nick Ford) from making sexual jokes based on the name!

We also talk about universal basic income, a post-work world and what that may look like, Facebook algorithms for filtering “misinformation”, gene therapy, automated cars and much more!

Naturally we have some silly moments too filled with scholastic analysis about dick jokes throughout the ages, Shrek and making up fake slogans for Budweiser sponsoring just about anything (even suicide!).

Finally, we give a big fuck you to the alt-right at the end…while getting slightly distracted by the perhaps just as devious “alt-rock”.

We’d like to thank Dan Gagnon for being a part of this episode, hope to have you back!




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