Episode 4: Technologically Unimpressed

In this episode we go over my (Nick Ford’s) Abolish Work book tour and more specifically some of the questions that were discussed during the tour. Some of those topics involve environmentalism, “shit work”, whether working in the military counts as “work” and more!

Sean regales us with some tales of misfortune from his job and Eben and I give our own takes on why people seem to hate him while he’s on the clock.

Lastly, Eben gets into a site called Beepbox which helps users create their own music on the cheap.

From there we launch into a great discussion about how technology is helping music automate itself.

The “Unimpressed” in this episodes title is mostly a play on words but partly an expression I came up with about how people can get in the way of the uses we’ve found for technology in the past few decades.

We hope you’ll enjoy the site and our podcast!

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